Aug. 7th, 2012

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i really enjoyed my trip to see kaiya a lot u_u

we spent a lot of it just hanging around and eating at american fast food places lol

i helped her pick out a computer and we went to go visit a museum and a bigass cathedral

i already
miss her and want to make plans to meet again for xmas haha <:{

traveling internationally was a bit intimidating since i haven't traveled much at all, but i think i know how to do it now and how to pack/what to bring

i saw waaaaaaaay more of dulles and frankfurt airport than i wanted to thanks to delays e_e

and the trip over was nightmarish, with lufthansa managing to fuck up every single leg of my trip

never ever use them

i flew back via united and it was way better, the seat on the intl flight was a lot roomier and there were a lot more movies to pick from

i feel a lot better about a lot of things, though i'm not happy to be back at work, whine

i have a lot of feels about work and the future and shit but i just feel tired every time i try to write them down, so meh


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